Super Bowl Possibilities

Posted: 01/23/2011 in Predictions

There are four remaining possibilities for the Super Bowl contestants. I will give you my predictions for the result of the Super Bowl in each of these scenarios.

Bears vs. Steelers

In this game, the defenses are both tough, so neither team will be very effective running the ball. Devin Hester gives the Bears an obvious Special Teams advantage. Ben Roethlisberger has much more experience than Jay Cutler. STEELERS WIN.

Bears vs. Jets

Again, both defenses are stingy when it comes to the running game so the quarterbacks and special teams will be the decider. Hester has an advantage over Brad Smith. The quarterbacks situation is harder to predict because they are both, at times, criticized for their lack of consistency and accuracy. Jay Cutler has less inconsistencies, but Mark Sanchez has the better receiving core, so Cutler will have the advantage although VERY slightly. THE BEARS WILL WIN using Hester and their young QB.

Packers vs. Jets

The Packers defense will be able to exploit Sanchez’s lack of consistency and give their offense prime scoring opportunities. The Pack’ will be able to overpower the Jets’ corners with their explosive passing attack. The Jets have the advantage in the kick returns because of Brad Smith. THE PACKERS WILL WIN.

Steelers vs. Packers

The Steelers defense will shut down James Starks and any other Packers’ running backs forcing them to become one-dimensional early. This will force Aaron Rodgers to throw the ball more than he wants to. This could be a blessing in disguise for the Packers as they might be able to win on the arm of Rodgers. However, if the Steelers can confidently drop 6-8 men into coverage, it will be a long night for Green Bay. Neither team has an obvious special teams advantage but a big return here or there could change the game completely. The Steelers will stick with the running game because they do not want to be forced to throw at the Packers’ corners every play. This running game will then free up the passing game for a couple of big plays. The experience of Roethlisberger will be a big benefit for the Steelers as Aaron Rodgers had not even won a playoff game before this postseason. THE STEELERS WILL WIN although it will be a very close game.


If you are a Steelers fan root for the Bears.

If you are a Bears fan root for the Jets.

If you are a Packers fan root for the Jets.

If you are a Jets fan root for the Bears.

  1. JetMan says:

    I am a jet fan. It’s good thing we don’t play 5 quarters or the Stealers wouldn’t be going to the SB. the Stealers are the luckiest team in history. We will beat you next year.

    • IF the Jets would have played some football in the first half instead of giving up 24 points, maybe you wouldn’t need a fifth ‘quarter’. IF they didn’t get cocky because of their recent win over the Pats maybe they could have been ready for the game. IF you attended math class you would realize that “5 quarters” doesn’t make any sense. IF we didn’t trade Santonio Holmes to you in the first place you wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs. IF that 5th quarter was in the first half you would be down 36-3 instead of 24-3.

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