Super Bowl. Who has the Edge?

Posted: 01/25/2011 in Uncategorized
Team Packers Steelers
Running Game
Passing Game
Run Defense
Pass Defense
Defensive Line
Offensive Line
Overall Defense
Overall Offense
Who Wins?
Who Loses?
  1. Jose says:

    How do you pick a winner when there are the same number of checkmarks on each side. Looks like a tie game to me, senor.

  2. I realize that, and it was a tough decision. However, some of the categories are more weighted than others. For example, the Packers have a better passing game, BUT the Steelers’ running game will keep Rodgers off the field and limit his effect on the game. So, although each team has won the same amount of categories, some are more weighted than others which I took into effect when I picked the winner.

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