Super Bowl Key Matchups

Posted: 02/02/2011 in Uncategorized

The Super Bowl will come down to who can ‘win’ certain matchups. I will tell you who will ‘win’ in these key matchups.

Maurkice Pouncey (or Doug Legursky) vs B.J. Raji

This may be the most interesting matchup in the game considering the circumstances. Pouncey may not be able to go in which case, not only will the Steelers’ blocking schemes be effected, but the Packers’ nose tackles could make some big plays. If Pouncey does play, I believe it will still be very hard to quell the hunks of man they call B.J. Raji and Howard Green. Both of them are 6′ 2” tall, Raji weighs 337 pounds while Green weighs in at 365. Pouncey puts his odds of playing at “75 percent”.

Winner: Pouncey sits —–> Green Bay Nose Tackles

Winner: Pouncey plays —–>Even (Leaning towards Green Bay)

Mike Wallace vs Packers’ Cornerbacks

Mike Wallace has often been credited as the fastest man in the NFL and has been the Steelers leading receiver this year with over 1200 yards. Wallace could easily use this speed to get behind any of the Packers’ defenders.

Winner: Mike Wallace

Special Teams

The Steelers have not had anything close to a stellar special teams squad for a couple of years now. Recently picking up Shaun ‘Sushi’ Suisham, the Steelers have been struggling for answers. The Packers’ special teams squad, although not exceptional, is made of decent quality players.

Winner: Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers vs Steelers’ Cornerbacks

Aaron Rodgers has been lethal lately, throwing no incompletions in the red zone during the postseason. The Steelers cornerbacks have not been stellar, but they have been good enough to do the job. With as many weapons that Rodgers have, I don’t see even the AP Defensive Player of the Year, Troy Polamalu, shutting him down.

Winner: Aaron Rodgers

James Starks vs Steelers’ Front Seven

The Steelers running defense is almost impenetrable. During the regular season, the Packers had little to no running game, but lately, James Starks has been effective. However, I do not see him having any impact on this game running straight at the Steelers’ defense.

Winner: Steelers’ Defense

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