5 Things to do on a Football-less Sunday

Posted: 02/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Now that the season has come to a close, what will you be doing on a Sunday without football? Well, here are some suggestions.

  1. Go geocaching. Geocaching is kind of like an outdoor scavenger hunt. You have to find the caches, which are hidden everywhere imaginable by other geocachers. Depending on the type of cache, you may get to take a small prize from the cache and leave another small prize behind. Some caches only require you to write your name and the date you found it on the log, which is n the cache. The caches vary in size, color, and material. Click here for more information or to find caches near you.
  2. Read a football blog. To help pass the time you could keep up with the NFL by reading a blog. Specifically, oh I don’t know, maybe Teen Talks Football.
  3. If you have snow in your area, you can make the best of it by building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or making some snow angels.
  4. Bake cookies. Nothing beats those lack-of-football blues like a nice batch of cookies.
  5. Go tell the players’ union and the league that it might be a good idea to have football next year.

Hopefully, you won’t be bored with these 5 things to do on a Sunday without football.

  1. Philip says:

    I like number five the most. This whole CBA thing is driving me crazy. I don’t care who caves, I just want to see some footbal.

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