Nick Schrank’s Balancing Act

Posted: 02/27/2011 in Player News, Uncategorized

Nick Schrank, middle linebacker for George Mason, might not make it into the NFL on his own, so he has turned to the internet. He made a video of him, showing his precision.

Below is the link to the video on

Balancing Act

To me, this video is just an attempt to increase his chance of being drafted into the NFL because Nick and his agents are scared he might not make it based on skill. If I were an team scout for the NFL, I would be less likely to draft Schrank, because this video was only made because of his lack of skill. That is not to say he shouldn’t be drafted, I am just saying that this video was created to cover up some flaws that might send him to look for another job and that the video might backfire.

Also, when in football are you ever standing 32 inches off the ground, and on top of a ball. Although it does show his precision, there are better ways to show the same skill. Alternate ways might have been running and jumping onto a thin cable even if it was only a foot or so off the ground. Or Schrank could have shown his precision by jumping onto the middle of a pool raft and stayed dry, if he lands anywhere besides the center, he would fall in so this would show a lot of precision.

  1. Alan says:

    Yah, but can you do that ? RU jealous?

    • It is pretty cool, as I said in the article. However, I am not jealous of some guy jumping 32 inches into the air and landing on a ball. That is not to say it doesn’t look difficult, I am just saying it is kind of pointless.

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