Family Troubles in Cinci

Posted: 03/03/2011 in Player News, Player Transactions, Team News

The Bengals have a very rare quarterback situation. The starter, Carson Palmer, is backed up by Jordan Palmer, his brother. It looks to be that soon, Carson will be leaving his brother the keys to the kingdom (which is not a very favorable kingdom to own). However, you know what they say, “one brother’s bad football team is another brother’s main source of income,” or at least it’s something like that…

Carson said that “he will never set foot inside Paul Brown Stadium again.” That might be a slight problem if and when he has to return there to play the Bengals. Could you imagine if the week that Carson’s new team plays the Bengals in Cinci, Carson were to tell the media something like, “well, to uphold my promise of never going inside that stadium again, I will not be playing this game”? I would love to see something like that happen, but, unfortunately, I am pretty sure he meant to say he will never play as a Bengal again.

I would highly doubt Carson stays in Cinci, because of both what he said and what his coach said. Essentially, Marvin Lewis told NFL Network that they are set to move on without Carson.

Two brothers both rarely make it into the NFL, let alone at the same position, let alone on the same team. 335 pairs of brothers have played in the NFL, 9 of which were both QBs.

Beyond the rarity of the situation, there are also other effects. To start, Carson could go find another team and try to help them, because if they need Carson, they must need serious help  and might even be considering bankruptcy. Another obvious effect would be that Jordan Palmer would be the Bengals’ new quarterback. One effect that is slightly more humorous, and less known, is that we would have no more insightful apps like RunPee that Jordan Palmer helped to make. RunPee tells you when the best times are during a movie to go to the bathroom. How could we live without that? I think he should make apps like that full time, to help America conquer their pesky bladders and finish watching the movie.

Back to football, it looks as if Carson will be leaving, Jordan will be filling his spot (unless the Bengals draft a new quarterback), and we will no longer know when to go to the bathroom during movies.

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