Tom Brady’s Ponytail

Posted: 03/09/2011 in Player News

What is that ugly thing on Tom Brady’s head? You guessed it. A ponytail. Well, a half ponytail, it kind of looks like he got attacked by some scissors, a bear, and a bad hair stylist.

The irony in this atrocious due, is that Brady is married to Brazil’s spokesmen for Pantene, Gisele Bundchen. Why she would let him out in public with this hair-raising haircut, I have no idea. Maybe she likes it? Maybe she’s punishing him for some reason?

Whatever the reason, we can take three things from this ugly haircut.

  1. Someone needs to fire Brady’s hair stylist.
  2. Ponytails are not to be tried by the inexperienced.
  3. If Gisele likes this, she must have been smacked in the head with a giselle.

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