Players Have Mixed Emotions Towards HGH Testing

Posted: 04/07/2011 in NFL News, Polls

On Monday, Roger Goodell said that  “[the league] need[s] to do more [to prevent cheating], including the inclusion of HGH testing”. HGH, Human Growth Hormones, is alleged to increase muscles, improve  eyesight, and increase speed. Currently, the league has a rule against using HGH, but they are not allowed to test for HGH. This makes the rule unenforceable, unless the athlete admits to taking the drug. To fix this, Goodell is dead set on adding a mandatory HGH test for all players to the CBA deal, if it is ever put in place.

The players have very different feelings towards this, two of the differing opinions come from Derick Mason and Antonio Cromartie.

Mason said Wednesday that “[Goodell] needs to stop crying about blood tests and HGH. He needs to try to get a [labor] deal done, that’s what he needs to do. He’s been on this crusade about HGH, but he needs to be on a crusade about getting these owners together and trying to work out a deal. To me, he’s a joke, because every time I look, he’s talking about performance enhancements instead of talking about trying to figure out a way to make sure football is played in August.”

I agree with Mason, as the top priority at this point is getting a CBA deal in place. However, HGH testing would be part of the CBA, so, technically, Goodell is working on the Collective Bargaining deal. Although he is working on one detail of the deal, he is not working on the big picture, as Mason and I agree that he should.

Cromartie had a very different opinion Tweeting that he “Jus was reading an article about HGH testing in the NFL. I’m for it I’m not against it. If u against that mean you hiding something”. He later added, “i mean u shouldn’t have 2 cheat 2 get an edge just go out an play ball. God created us all differently so us the talents he blessed us with”.

Somehow I don’t think he is going to be nominated for any literature prizes anytime soon…

Once you get past the horrible grammar and just general ugliness of that statement, he has a point. If a player objects to the HGH testing, they will definitely be viewed as suspicious.

In a way, both Mason and Cromartie are right. Mason is right in the sense that Goodell should be focusing on the big picture before the details, but Cromartie is right in the sense that anybody already following the rules should have no objection to the tests.


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