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The Steelers Rule

Posted: 05/26/2011 in NFL News, Team News

Recently, the NFL has passed a rule, saying that if players excessively hit other players illegally, their teams will be punished. The name of this rule? The Steelers Rule.

The rule in and of itself is bad enough, does the name really have to target one team? I’m not going to sit here and whine about the name though. I think the Steelers’ defensive players should be proud. I mean, the rule is named what it is because of Pittsburgh’s fierce style of defense. As far as I am aware, no other team can say their defense scares the commissioner and the rule-making committee. I think the rule should be called the “we-are-scared-of-the-Steelers’s-defense-so-we-are-going-to-make-rules-against-the-way-they-play-the-game” rule. Although, I don’t think it’s going to catch on…

Alright, back to the actual rule. I am not in favor of the contents of the rule, as I think that punishing the teams will not stop the injuries.

I believe the best way to combat the injuries of the players is to make them take certain actions to improve and maintain their health. Also, if you want my opinion, (which, if you are reading my blog, I’m sure you do) new rules should be enforced and new equipment should be used. I know, I know, I know, you just heard me say “I don’t like this new rule” and “we need more rules” in the same paragraph. However, I don’t like this rule because it is punishing the TEAMS for the PLAYERS’ mistakes.

(I did not expatiate to write about the specific actions I would make the players take or the new rules I would impose because I have a persuasive speech assignment in English class which talks about these, and I will be posting it as soon as it is finished.)


Okay, so remember when there was a lockout? Then remember when there wasn’t a lockout? Well, there’s a lockout again.

Could someone please tell the court to make up their minds? So, to skip the high-level vocabulary, and gigantic words, I have condensed the story into the following script.

NFL: Players, you are now locked out.
Players: That stinks.

Court: You are no longer locked out.
Players: Yaaaaaaaaaa-
*Court cuts the Players off*
Court: Sike! Now get the heck out of the stadiums.

When the lockout was first lifted, I did not have time to post about it. However, I am going to pretend that I predicted the lockout being put back into effect, so I look like an awesome football-analyst.

True Confessions of TTF (Teen Talks Football) aside, let’s get back to the story.

It’s not a very tough story to comprehend. Basically, there was a lockout, then there wasn’t, now there is. I could sit here and tell you every little quote that the players and/or coaches and/or judges said, but all they will tell you is the lockout is back on.

I hate to end a post with a sad note, so I will add that the NFL Draft has begun The first round is in the books and the third is currently underway. I hope that was a happy enough note to end on, because I have nothing else to say.

Carnell Lake, a second-round draft pick of the Steelers, made four trips to the Pro Bowl while playing with the Pittsburgh from 1989 to 1998. Lake finished his career with 16 interceptions and 16 fumble recoveries, which is fourth in team history. He earned the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete Award in 1988 and he was inducted into the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame in 2000.

Lake played safety and cornerback throughout those seasons, and next season (if there is one), Lake will be coaching the defensive backs of the Steelers. The Steelers’ pass defense has not lived up to its usual pedigree in recent years, and Pittsburgh is hoping that Carnell Lake will be able to fix that. In particular, the Steelers pass coverage has been unable to shut down Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Last season, the Patriots high powered offense marched into Heinz Field and scored 39 points.

Troy Polomalu and Ryan Clark, the starting safeties, are certainly not the problem, so it must be the cornerbacks. Ike Taylor has been able to hold up against most of the receivers he has faced, but William Gay and Bryant McFadden have not. In my opinion, the Steelers should use one of their high round draft picks to snag a CB to improve this weakness. Drafting a good corner is hard enough, but the draft pick has to fit the Steelers’ scheme which is toughness and physicality. I know that drafting a pro-ready, physical, quality corner is much easier said than done, but with the league shifting to a pass-based game, it is definitely necessary in order for Sixburgh to climb the Stairway to Seven.

The financial aspects of hiring Lake as the defensive backs coach were not released. Although hiring Lake is definitely a step in the right direction, drafting another high-end corner is essential as well.


The Bengals have a very rare quarterback situation. The starter, Carson Palmer, is backed up by Jordan Palmer, his brother. It looks to be that soon, Carson will be leaving his brother the keys to the kingdom (which is not a very favorable kingdom to own). However, you know what they say, “one brother’s bad football team is another brother’s main source of income,” or at least it’s something like that…

Carson said that “he will never set foot inside Paul Brown Stadium again.” That might be a slight problem if and when he has to return there to play the Bengals. Could you imagine if the week that Carson’s new team plays the Bengals in Cinci, Carson were to tell the media something like, “well, to uphold my promise of never going inside that stadium again, I will not be playing this game”? I would love to see something like that happen, but, unfortunately, I am pretty sure he meant to say he will never play as a Bengal again.

I would highly doubt Carson stays in Cinci, because of both what he said and what his coach said. Essentially, Marvin Lewis told NFL Network that they are set to move on without Carson.

Two brothers both rarely make it into the NFL, let alone at the same position, let alone on the same team. 335 pairs of brothers have played in the NFL, 9 of which were both QBs.

Beyond the rarity of the situation, there are also other effects. To start, Carson could go find another team and try to help them, because if they need Carson, they must need serious helpĀ  and might even be considering bankruptcy. Another obvious effect would be that Jordan Palmer would be the Bengals’ new quarterback. One effect that is slightly more humorous, and less known, is that we would have no more insightful apps like RunPee that Jordan Palmer helped to make. RunPee tells you when the best times are during a movie to go to the bathroom. How could we live without that? I think he should make apps like that full time, to help America conquer their pesky bladders and finish watching the movie.

Back to football, it looks as if Carson will be leaving, Jordan will be filling his spot (unless the Bengals draft a new quarterback), and we will no longer know when to go to the bathroom during movies.

Cleveland decided to release Pro Bowl defensive lineman Shaun Rogers , known as “Big Baby” on Wednesday. Releasing Rogers, and five others, saved the Browns about $17 million in salary and bonuses.

The release of Rogers wasn’t only fueled by economic troubles. The Brown’s general manager, Tom Heckert, told The Plain Dealer‘s Tony Grossi. Heckert said that the team had grown tired of the veteran’s negative attitude and poor work ethic. According to Heckert, “Big Baby” earned his nickname by repeatedly saying that he has never been on a team that was any good.

The 10-year player was on the injury report almost all season with various ankle and hip injuries. Rogers would often skip all of the weekly practices. Rogers made the Pro Bowl in 2008, but this season, he only started once despite having the highest salary on the team.

The Browns will most likely be playing a 4-3 defense next season as opposed to a 3-4 defensive front.

Many teams were interested in Rogers, NFL reporter Jason La Canfora reports. Rogers will be meeting with the Washington Redskins on Friday. However, a league source reports that “Big Baby” is in no rush to sign with any team. More than a third of the league has contacted Rogers about negotiations.