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Madden 2012 Cover Curse

Posted: 04/06/2011 in Uncategorized

Okay, so chance are, if you are reading this blog, you are a fairly dedicated football fan. And that means you have probably heard of the Madden curse. If you haven’t, it is basically a theory that the athlete that is on the cover of Madden does poorly the next year.

The curse has been especially evident over the past 13 years. Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald were the only “exceptions” to the rule.  Although Brees’s stats didn’t take a major hit after appearing on the cover of the video game, he did throw a career high 22 interceptions and played almost the whole season with a medial collateral ligament sprain. What about Larry Fitz? He took even less of a hit stat-wise than Brees, but he shared the cover with Troy Polamalu, who took a MAJOR hit, missing 11 games on the season.

This year, there are eight players left in the mix for an appearance on the cover. The finalists are Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Danny Woodhead, Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick and Patrick Willis.

All of these players are either top fantasy stars (Brees, Rodgers, Peterson, and Willis [in some formats]) or had huge stat-filled seasons (Charles, Hillis, and Vick). The only one that doesn’t fit in either of these categories is Danny Woodhead.

Maybe, the people who are deciding who goes on the cover decided to give fantasy owners a break and use someone who wouldn’t have as much of a drop. As a yearly fantasy owner, I would appreciate this greatly. However, I don’t think that is the truth. I can’t tell you why they chose who they did to be in the finals, but I can tell you that whoever they chose, beware the curse.


Twitter Warfare

Posted: 03/29/2011 in Uncategorized

Over the past few years, NFL athletes have branched out in to the “wonderful” world of social media, specifically Twitter.

The players can vent on completely unrelated topics, like Chad Ochocinco did when he said…

He has a way with words doesn’t he? As you can see, Twitter can give the players a pretty bad reputation. However, it can also be used as a helpful tool, instead of a weapon. For example, some players will tweet about world affairs, team events, or NFL news.

And then there are the deep tweets that are cheesier than Lambeau Field on game day.

In conclusion, Twitter can be used as a sword or a shield. If the players continue to use it as a weapon, it will only intensify and grow worse over time. However, Twitter could be used as a positive influence, and a way for players to share their personal experiences, team news, and opinions about ON-TOPIC situations.

The 2011 NFL Draft is set to take place in the Manhattan near Radio City Music Hall, but the NFL Players’ Association is considering boycotting the draft.

The goal of the alleged boycott would be to prevent the top draft prospects from attending. However, I doubt there will be any boycotting, and so does George Atallah, spokesman for the NFLPA. He tweeted that “the NFLPA is not asking anyone to ‘boycott’ anything, NFL Draft in particular. The NFL Draft is special. Players and their families will be in NYC. It just maybe different. We will provide details when we can”.

The NFLPA met with several top players’ agents before the Super Bowl, and, reportedly, the agents had great support for this boycott. Some of these top agents went as far as to suggest that some veteran players may be picketing in the Music Hall, assuming the lockout is still in effect by then.

Although there was significant support for a boycott, I cannot see it happening, as the benefits…don’t exist. Keeping the high draft picks away from the draft is childish. It would be kind of like a “if we can’t have them, you can’t either” situation. The only thing a boycott would do is create more bad blood between the league and the players’ association.

CBA Deal Expires

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The old Collective Bargaining Agreement deal expired yesterday, Friday March 12th, 2011, at 11:59 pm.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has decertified as a result of the expiration, meaning they no longer represent the players. Currently, the NFLPA cannot bargain for the players or fight league imposed punishments against the players such as fines or suspensions. One reason for decertifying is that, now, the legal proceedings may be supervised by the  U.S. District Court Judge David Doty in Minneapolis. Why does this help the players? Well, David Doty had previously ruled in the players’ side, including in one case just last week which denies the NFL from taking $4 billion if no football games are played in 2011-12 season.

The NFLPA decertified in order to allow the players to sue the NFL with an antitrust suit, which Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning (among others) did on Friday. The league has officially locked out the players, and which is why the players went to court. This antitrust suit claimed that the NFL was guilty of conspiracy and activities that made the game less competitive. Manning’s and Brees’s lawyer, Tom Codon, wrote that a “‘lockout’ imposed by the NFL threatens to rob Mr. Brees and Mr. Manning, and all other NFL players, of an entire year, or more, of their brief playing careers, which cannot be recaptured”.


Brian Westbrook said on Sunday that he talks with Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid weekly and that he would be open to rejoining the Eagles. Westbrook said, “We always talk, and I would love to be back in Philly. So we’ll see how things go. I think I can help out. I think they have a very good group of young guys on this team at every position, but I still think I can help this team win.”

Westbrook did have some productive seasons with Philly, but those years are long gone. In San Fran last year, Westbrook was on the depth chart behind Anthony Dixon. Who is that? Not someone that should come between a decent running back and the field, that’s for sure…

Personally, I believe that signing Westbrook would be as stupid for the Eagles as moving their offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Oh, wait, they already did that. If the Eagles sign Westbrook, it would tell LeSean McCoy that the organization has no faith in him, which in turn might lead to McCoy signing with another team. If this were to happen, then once Westbrook retires, the Eagles are stuck with no running back. Westbrook might think it sounds great to sign with the Eagles, but if the Eagles’ coaches feel the same way, they should be looking for another job.

Picking Fights

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With the possibility of a lockout, many NFL players are turning to boxing or wrestling.

Tom Zbikowski had a boxing career before going into the NFL (by the way, the NFL sounds like a pretty good fallback plan to me…) and now, he is returning to the ring. Zbikowski has only made 10 starts out of 39 games, so he isn’t a MAJOR part of the Ravens, but their secondary is weak as it is. Bob Arum is the promoter for the boxing ring that Zbikowski will be fighting in, and he said that “obviously, once they have to go back to training camp, we’ll be on a hiatus again, but as long as he’s available, he’s going to be kept very, very busy”. On March 12th, Zbikowski will be fighting Richard Bryant in a heavyweight match with four rounds. In addition to Zbikowski’s boxing, Jets LB Bart Scott has been wrestling a bit in his spare time. Scott aided Hulk Hogan in a TNA Wrestling event last week.

Nick Schrank, middle linebacker for George Mason, might not make it into the NFL on his own, so he has turned to the internet. He made a video of him, showing his precision.

Below is the link to the video on

Balancing Act

To me, this video is just an attempt to increase his chance of being drafted into the NFL because Nick and his agents are scared he might not make it based on skill. If I were an team scout for the NFL, I would be less likely to draft Schrank, because this video was only made because of his lack of skill. That is not to say he shouldn’t be drafted, I am just saying that this video was created to cover up some flaws that might send him to look for another job and that the video might backfire.

Also, when in football are you ever standing 32 inches off the ground, and on top of a ball. Although it does show his precision, there are better ways to show the same skill. Alternate ways might have been running and jumping onto a thin cable even if it was only a foot or so off the ground. Or Schrank could have shown his precision by jumping onto the middle of a pool raft and stayed dry, if he lands anywhere besides the center, he would fall in so this would show a lot of precision.