Super Bowl Commercials

Here are some of the most popular Super Bowl commercials.

This one gets funnier as it goes. First the fish, then the plant, and finally Mikey’s grandfather. After seeing the Doritos revive the fish and the plant, I think it was fairly obvious what the house sitter was going to do to the ashes, but it is very funny anyway.

This commercial is funny because the audience is thinking “Awwww, that’s just plain mean.” but then, the pug knocks the door down and squashes the mean boyfriend.

This commercial demonstrates the stereotypical narrow male mind and the opposite female mind in addition to the desire for a Pepsi Max.

When the wife hits the jogger with the Pepsi Max, the audience is chuckling, but when they run away instead of helping, the audience laughs.

The views of people walking through TVs, diving through TVs, and running into walls has the audience laughing the whole time.

This one isn’t as funny as it is cute. I, personally, favor the funny commercials. However, if you enjoy the cuter commercials this one is a good as they get.


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